Patriots Debacle is More Than a Simple Loss


It has been three days since the Patriots dismantling of our beloved Colts already so I will spare you the gory details, but can we just forget this loss and move on?  I’m going on record now and saying the Colts will not be playing in the Super Bowl this season. I had convinced myself that they were serious contenders,  but after recent beat downs by the Patriots and Steelers coupled with early losses to Denver and Philadelphia I just don’t see them beating any of those teams in a rematch (I know Philadelphia is an NFC team but they could meet in theoretical Super Bowl).

As much as I love Luck and the offensive weapons on the team, it is plainly obvious that there are way too many holes on the roster or maybe a better way to put it – not enough good players.  The defense has been hit or miss this season.  They looked good against the following teams: Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Giants.  What do all these teams have common?  They will be home during the playoffs. When they faced elite teams they have had trouble. A few teams have been hard to read the meaning of the loss to the Colts: Ravens and Bengals. I feel pretty confident they can beat the following teams remaining on their schedule: Jaguars, Texans, Redskins, and the Titans. I also think they most likely lose these games: Cowboys and Browns (Can’t believe I just said that). So that put them squarely at 10-6 and AFC South champs and hosting a playoff game.

10-6 would be a record a lot of the teams in the league would love, but as a Colts fan, how does that set with you? Honestly, not well with me. Yet that is probably an accurate representation of the team. The front office needs to understand the issues with this team and correct them instead of feeding cliches and other lines that fans know are a crock.  I love this team and want it to succeed, but I fell hook, line, and sinker for this team, again. The other problem that is on the horizon is Luck will soon be getting paid a record breaking amount instead of the “Rookie Discount” that the team and the front office is using to pay other players like LaRon Landry and Erik Walden (I think you get my point).

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t think I am. My advise to fans of this team – wake up and don’t let past success blindly lead you. For the record, I will never take Colts giving points to the Patriots again, ever. I give up, Bill Bellicheck is a genius and I’m a mouth-breather. Tom Terrific and Revis Island – the path to the Super Bowl will go through Gillette Stadium come January! I was wrong about you.  I’ve been clowned by you for the last time. I love my Colts but you crush them every time, and this last one hurt really bad….I mean really bad!!


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