Raiding the CFL Again?


The Colts General Manager, Ryan Grigson,  seems to have a found a niche in obtaining players in unorthodox methods that has payed off.  A few players that fall into this category are: Jerrell Freeman and Henoc Muamba, both products of the CFL, and others like Daniel Adongo – a rugby star, Erik Swoope – a basketball player converting to tight end, just to name a few.  Well, it seems the Colts may be looking north of the border again to add talent to the team.  This time it’s looking like the team might be getting deeper at an already deep position – wide receiver.

Duron Carter, 6′ 5″, 205 lbs. son of hall of famer, Cris Carter is believed to have interest in signing with the Colts once he is able to legally due so.  Carter,  if you are unaware, has been playing up in the CFL after a series of events that caused the talent but issue-plagued player to land there.  The funny thing is he has thrived for Montreal and seems to be a significant difference-maker that roughly one-third of the league has interest in.  The Seahawks and 49ers, besides the Colts, are teams that are considered to be front runners, yet sources say the Colts are attractive to the young receiver because of the Colts structures that are in place and the presence of Reggie Wayne as a mentor.  Grigson has also shown that he is not afraid to take a chance on players with talent that may have issues.  These factors combined with arguably the league’s most talented young quarterback in Andrew Luck, and it is easy to see why speculation is  ramping up.

Carter will be able to begin negotiations with a team on December 1st, but will not be able to officially sign with a team until February 2015 due to arrangements made between the CFL and the NFL.  Sources close to Duron indicate that he knows his time is running out and that he plans to come into the league humble and ready to prove that he can live up to his potential that many thought would be on display at his college stops: Alabama, Florida Atlantic, and Ohio State.  Carter finished with the following stats in the CFL’s regular season:

  • 1,030 yards
  • 75 receptions
  • 7 touchdowns

The biggest question concerning all of this is how would this work out with a deep receiving corp on the team already.  T.Y. Hilton in his three years with the team has developed into the team’s number one receiver, while Reggie has been able to use his sure hands and knowledge to keep the chains moving.  Donte Moncrief is flashing signs of greatness already in his limited sample, while Hakeem Nicks’ time with the team has up to this point been fairly unimpressive.  Odds are that Nicks may not be back due to the nature of his contract, and Reggie is finishing up the last year of his three year contract but I could see a scenario where Reggie stays on a year or two more two serve in the mentor role that he has developed. Who would be better to mentor Carter than Reggie Wayne?

The bottom line is with Duron’s talent and the likely price of acquiring him it seems like his signing would provide the team with a trio of talented young receivers for years to come, providing the front office with a chance to load up on the defensive side of the ball.  Will it happen?  I guess we will find out soon enough.


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