Colts Midseason Awards

The Colts have survived to their bye week and posted a 6-3 record, which isn’t too bad considering their 0-2 start.  There have been some stellar performances but also some head-scratching moments.  However, I feel that it’s time to give out some worthless, meaningless awards that has no bearing on this team.

These are the guys that I feel deserve these career defining awards.  Enjoy!!

Best Newcomer-Jonotthan Harrison

Harrison was thrown into an almost impossible situation.  He was told he would be replacing a fan favorite at center after the season had started.  There were many who didn’t understand the move, including me, and didn’t like the idea of Shipley just losing his job for now apparent reason.  No one really thought that Harrison could hold up nor was he ready to take on as the quarterback of the offensive line.  Boy, were we wrong.  Has Harrison been a pro bowl center?  Not even close, but he handled the situation well and continues to grow into the center this team needs.  Moncrief is a close second as the best newcomer but Harrison has more to show right now.  By the end of the year I may have to change this designation.

Biggest Sleeper- Donte Moncrief

Here is where I feel Moncrief fits right now.  He has shown that he can play and compete in this league but hasn’t really been given proper opportunities.  When he has been on the field he has done the most he could with the time he has had.  I feel that by the end of the season we will see more of Moncrief and less of Nicks.  If Nicks doesn’t turn his game around soon we may see sooner than many of us think.

Best Defender- Vontae Davis

I think it’s pretty clear.  This defense is somewhat held together by Davis.  When Davis went out in the Steelers game the defense looked clueless.  Now I’m not saying the defense was playing all that well when he was in but it really turned for the worse once he was out.  Davis makes Toler better and when those two bring their A-games the rest of the defense can do their thing.  Davis has shown he deserved the big money contact he received this past offseason.  I am very happy of how Vontae has played this season.  He may not have a ton of interceptions but he does everything else better than most.

Biggest Offensive Weapon-Dwayne Allen/T.Y. HIlton

I couldn’t choose one guy here.  Most of you probably think Luck belongs here, but think about it – how could Luck have his great numbers without Hilton and Allen racking up the yardage and touchdowns?  Allen has been the red zone threat that the Colts missed badly last season.  Hilton has picked up where he left off last season, but with fewer touchdowns.  It’s been a lot of fun watching Allen return to the team without missing a step.  If these two keep up their production they will be Pro Bowl-bound.  Of course, that would change if the Colts are playing in the Super Bowl.

Biggest Disappointment-LaRon Landry

He was new last year.  Give him some time to gel with his teammates and things will get better.  That’s what I wrote and heard a lot of last year.  This year was the season that Landry was to step up and be the defensive leader this team needed.  Well, Redding has become the leader and Landry has been an afterthought.  Don’t pay attention to the 4-game suspension he received for PEDs or the fact that he chose to find ways of sitting out in training camp.  Even when he was on the field he wasn’t doing much with his time.  I feel he may never step onto a field while representing the Horseshoe again.

Team MVP- Andrew Luck

Well of course he is.  Who else would it be?  He has lead this team to a good season so far.  He has some work to do still.  He needs to work on his decision making skills and work on those high throws he has been tossing around in the first half of the season.  Luck is in the conversation for NFL MVP and I feel that is justified.  He has the chance to break the single season passing record if he keeps up the pace he has going now.


2 responses to “Colts Midseason Awards

  1. I wouldn’t give Harrison best newcomer; not even best rookie. He’s done well, but overall Mewhort’s been much more reliable. I would put Mike Adams in the argument for best newcomer as well.

    • Mewhort has been pretty good but he wasn’t thrown into his situation really. Thomas was hurt and he was put in at the beginning of the season. Harrison was shoved in even though the guy ahead of him was fine. I think he has handled it very well and shown a ton of growth in a short time. Adams could be a good candidate as well

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