Colts Throttle Giants

The Colts came into MetLife Stadium after a thorough thrashing in all facets nearly a week ago.  The team let Pittsburgh control the game on both sides of the ball and in the process gave Ben Roethlisberger a career day.  Monday night, the Colts looked like the old Colts (prior to Sunday) than the team that played the Steelers.  The Colts were able to start the game by stopping the Giants and then moving the ball down the field with a mix of  passing and running, but the Giants were able to hold the Colts to only a field goal.  With the lead now three points,  the Giants were able to stiffen up on the defensive side of the ball and the Colts were unable to move the ball thanks to Perry Fewell’s defense creating pressure causing Luck to be out of sync with his receivers.

The second quarter saw the Colts able push the lead up to 10 points after a Coby Fleener catch that may or may not have been a catch.  Luck used his head and was able to snap the ball quick enough to a wide open Fleener before the Giants coach, Tom Coughlin, was to challenge the play or the Giants defender able stop him.  The Colts were unable to move the ball again and Eli and Giants were able to put together some nice catches and just enough running to keep the defense honest.  The excellent play of Vontae Davis prevented the Giants from putting 7 points on the board and held them to a Josh Brown field goal.  Now, the Colts led 10-3.  After a Griff Whalen runback Luck found his favorite receiver Reggie Wayne for a catch, that was good to get him back in the swing.

Then Luck was able to find his other favorite receiver, T.Y. Hilton – he zoomed the pass and put the Colts on the other side of the field.  Luck then targeted Coby Fleener for nice catch to put them in the redzone.  The Colts up to this point had only rushed about three times.  The Giants were able to stop the Colts offense again, which set up a 31 yard Adam Vinatieri FG.  Colts now lead 13-3.  The Colts D was able get the ball back for Andrew Luck and the offense at two-minute warning.  Luck went to two former Giants – Bradshaw and Nicks – to move into Giants territory.  After a few more plays that produced nothing, Luck went to Nicks again which set up a 48 yard field goal to boost the halftime lead, 16-3.

The Colts were able to take the second half kickoff down the field with a nice mix of runs and passes and put another 7 points on the board after T.Y. Hilton was able to wrestle away what would have been an interception by DRC.  The lead swelled now to 23-3 thanks to a great effort and another game changing play by him.  Give credit to Grigson for moving up in the 2012 draft to grab him!  The Giants then target Greg Toler that resulted in a 78 yard pick up by Beckham Jr. and the Giants punched it in for 7 points cutting the lead to 23-10.  The Colts moved down the field despite Robert Ayers constantly pestering Luck and the offense which  eventually resulted in Luck to Wayne touchdown.  The lead now back to 20 points, 30-10.  The Colts kicked the ball off to the Giants and Newsome (#ChirpChirp) gets his second sack forcing the ball loose, setting up Luck’s fourth passing TD to Dwayne Allen (7 for the season), Colts now up 37-10 with the dagger!  The Colts finish the 3rd quarter 37-10 but moving the ball again this time on the ground with the one-two punch of Bradshaw and Richardson.

The Colts open the fourth quarter after some hard runs by Richardson and Bradshaw (he’s just a tough runner) with another Adam Vinatieri 43 yard field goal pushing the lead to 30 points.  Giants answered the scoring drive by Eli keeping what looked like a certain fourth down into a score for 7, Giants draw a little closer 40-17.  Giants tried to recover an onside kick but failed to capitalize, Colts ball.  Colts used Boom Herron to take time off the clock but couldn’t convert resulting in a punt.  The Giants moved the ball down the field largely against the Colts “B” team defense and added another 7 points
with a TD pass, score now 40-24.  Luck comes out and gives the ball to Herron three times leaving 3 minutes on the clock for the Giants.  Giants moved the ball down but eventually turned over on downs.  The Colts ran out the clock and won improving their overall record to 6-3.

My takeaways from the game:

Jonathan Newsome was on fire and netted two more sacks and caused lots of pressure against Eli.  Newsome has grown steadily over the season and is making a case for more playing time.

Andrew Luck three another 4 touchdowns and passed for over 300 yards again.

Dwayne Allen keeps on showing us how much the team missed him last season.

Vontae Davis played lights out again by shutting down his side of the field to continue his stellar play this season.

The offensive line struggled again, same line again, sad but true.

The Colts will need another complete game to take out the Patriots who currently are one of the hottest teams in the league.  They cannot afford another clunker like the game against the Steelers.






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