Sergio Brown or LaRon Landry?

After a dominating performance last night and now that the Colts are off for their bye week, there is a pressing question that needs to be answered:  Should LaRon Landry return to the starting lineup or should Sergio Brown continue in the role?

Brown has played fairly well since being inserted into the starting lineup.  Brown also seems to be playing at a faster speed than Landry has played all season long.  Also, there is that little thing called Landry’s ego that just rubs me and many of you the wrong way.  Here is a guy that is making damn good money and, in my opinion, has played worse than any safety on the roster for the Colts.

Landry is coming off a suspension for using PED’s and during his exile from the team did the right thing by remaining silent.  He stayed away from social media and served his suspension like a man.  However, the first day after his suspension was lifted it took Landry some time to get back to the facility which shows once again that he isn’t in this for the team; just himself.

Brown has the respect of his teammates in the locker room which is something that you haven’t really heard from any players about Landry.  They said they were there for Landry and would remain but isn’t that what a good teammate does?  I’m not going to throw out a bunch of stats that can backup my opinion.  I know what I have seen out of both men in a game situation and there seems to be more production from Brown.  Plain and simple.

I have a couple of worries about this situation. First is something that I have heard a few local sports radio hosts bring up.  Brown is a special teams star and some may feel they need him where he could make an even bigger impact.  I don’t agree with that.  If Landry really wants to play and have his spot back he must be made to compete against Brown for it.  Put Landry on the special teams and let him start from there.  To just hand over the starting position to Landry because Brown is better at special teams than Landry is something that is just well…crazy.  We aren’t talking about Landry coming off an injury.  He broke the rules and by just giving it back to Landry shows that the team doesn’t care if you break the rules.  If you’re a starter and you break the rules you will be given your spot back when you return.

My other worry is that the team will let their pride get in the way and not want to let one of their high-priced free agent signings ride the bench.  Much like what happened with Satele when McGlynn proved to be better at the center position.  I get that Landry has a bigger price tag and has the potential to play at a Pro Bowl level, but he hasn’t reached that level since his arrival in Indy and there is no reason to believe that he will even return to that level.

My opinion is very obvious.  Let Brown play and make Landry a special teamer and bench warmer.  He has been a detriment to this team since he got here and will hopefully be given his walking papers at the end of the season.  If you disagree I would love to hear why you feel differently.  Maybe by benching Landry he will realize that he is here to play a game and not take selfies and prepare for his next Muscle Magazine photo shoot.


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