How Important is Donte Moncrief

What could the future of Donte Moncrief hold and if trade talks come up involving him is he worth passing on to another team?

Moncrief has been stepping up his game and we all might have caught a glimpse of what this young talent could have in store for us in the upcoming years with his performance against the Steelers.

Now Reggie Wayne was inactive against the Steelers and that’s the primary reason Moncrief got so many snaps and was targeted more than usual but this kid stepped up and played his role.

Half of his targets this year happened against Pittsburgh in which Moncrief caught 7 receptions for 113 yards and his first NFL TD. Compared to good starting wide receivers those numbers are very, very, very nice.

Moncrief has been sitting behind Wayne, T.Y. Hilton, and Hakeem Nicks just learning and improving himself. I believe that we stole a hidden talent with Moncrief in this year’s draft. Hopefully the Colts don’t trade him, but if other teams see what potential he might have, we might get the opportunity to collect someone that has already made a name for themself. It’s my belief that Indy needs to keep Moncrief though.

This is a team full of young talent and as much as I hate to admit it, one person that’s not getting any younger is Wayne. One day the Colts will have to find a way to live without the future hall of famer and who knows – Donte Moncrief might be the answer.


3 responses to “How Important is Donte Moncrief

  1. What I’m worried about is what teams will be looking to trade for him after he gets a full season under his belt, but I hope you’re right and he’s not going anywhere.

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