Colts Defense Lays Down Against Steelers

The Steelers rocked their hideous bumblebee jerseys on Sunday and absolutely stung the Colts, 51-34. It was a windy day at Heinz Field and many thought the kickers would struggle but Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger took care of that by taking matters into their own hands.

The story of the day was Roethlisberger as he played the best game of his career. His stat sheet says it all: 40-49, 522 yards, and 6 TD passes. He is the first QB to throw over 500 yards in multiple games. It honestly looked like his wide receivers had Stick em’ on their hands as they couldn’t drop the ball if they tried.

Roethlisberger deserves a ton of credit and respect for his record-performance, but he had a lot of help. After praising the Colts’ defense after their shutout of the Bengals last week, it appeared as if they never left Indy this weekend. The Colts showed an overall lack of defensive awareness which allowed the Steelers to not only score a TD on their first possession, but it was the first TD they had allowed in the first quarter all season. It was all downhill after that.


The Colts trailed 7-3 after the first quarter, but the game was out of reach just 44 seconds into the second quarter. The Steelers scored on a 5-yard TD pass to Martavis Bryant and then just 41 seconds later William Gay scored on a pick-6 from Luck. Just like that, Colts down 21-3.


The Colts responded with a Dwayne Allen 21-yard over-the-shoulder TD grab – his 6th of the season. Finally, the Colts are showing some life….temporarily. The defense gave up back-to-back touchdowns to Antonio Brown (8 & 47 yards, respectively), which extended their lead to 35-10. Luck then transformed into his well-known comeback mode by leading the offense to a TD (28 yard pass to TY Hilton) and a field goal (23-yards) in the final 1:56 of the half. We TrueBlueFans believed all the momentum was in favor of the Colts.

Big Ben threw his second TD of the day to Bryant (2 yards) for a 42-20 advantage, but the Colts responded with a pair of TDs in the span of 1:03 late in the third quarter. It looked like the Colts were prepared to complete the miraculous comeback as they trailed by just 8 with the ball, but Luck was called for a controversial intentional grounding call in the end zone which resulted in a safety for the Steelers and that pretty much confirmed that the Colts just weren’t meant to win this game. Big Ben added a sixth TD pass TD as an exclamation point. 


Final score: 51-34


The Colts scored 34 points while Luck threw for 400 yards and added another 3 TDs. Despite his two costly interceptions, scoring 34 points on the road is usually recipe for a victory. But, our defense looked completely lost and Pittsburgh controlled the tempo of the game (Steelers nearly doubled the Colts in time of possession). Congrats to Big Ben on getting that 100th win!

Luck will get his faster though!


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