Week 7 Preview: Colts vs Bengals

The Indianapolis Colts host the Cincinnati Bengals at Lucas Oil Stadium this Sunday at 1pm.  The Colts improved to 4-2 last Thursday after beating the Texans and currently have a 4 game win streak. The Bengals are 3-1-1. Cincinnati looked dominant by blowing out of the gates and starting the season 3-0, but have been struggled recently with a blowout loss to the Patriots and last week they tied with the Panthers.

As the Broncos look to be the #1 team in the AFC and experts disappointingly,  although reasonably, predict the Patriots 2nd, many think that the 3rd spot will be filled by either the Bengals or your very own Colts. With that being said let’s take a look and try to break down the game plan for this Sunday’s game.

Andrew Luck has been clicking on all cylinders and is playing like one of the best QB’s in the league right now while throwing for 370+ yards in 4 of his 6 games this season. Although I’m sure he will be doing just fine connecting with many of his receivers we might get to see Luck do some work with his legs in this match up. So far this season, the Bengals have been horrific at rushing the passer, which is a good reason for Luck to utilize his running game. We might see Pep Hamilton pulling out some QB rushing plays to force the Bengals to go man-to-man against some of the Colts receivers which we all know would turn out bad for them with T.Y., Reggie, and Hakeem all being huge threats.

The Bengals’ linebackers have been struggling this season which should result in a tremendous opportunity for Bradshaw and Richardson to rack up the yards running the ball up the middle. We might even see these two as serious threats in the passing game as well.

Even with A.J. Green out the Colts defense can’t slack on Cincinnati’s wide receivers. Andy Dalton is a great QB for the Bengals and deserves respect; he has the arm to make even mediocre receivers look good. Last week, without Green, Mohamed Sanu definitely stepped up in their tie against the Panthers by racking up 120 yards. Pagano needs to focus on him Sunday.

I think the Colts are going to be fueled by revenge. Last December Cinncy crushed the Colts 42-27. That wasn’t a pleasant taste at the end of the season last year for our squad and I think Pagano is going to remind them of that before the game. Colts have had 10 days for rest and preparation while the Bengals last game was a full overtime game. With this game being at L.O.S, I’ve got Indy winning this one 30-21.


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