LaRon Landry Suspended 4 Games for PED’s

Colts starting free safety LaRon Landry has been suspended for 4 games for violation of the NFL’s performance enhancing drug policy. Neither the NFL nor the Colts have released what substance Landry used to trigger the violation.

Despite already racking up 23 tackles in his first 4 games, Landry has not been that impressive and has made some questionable, head-scratching plays. This will hurt the Colts due to the fact that they already are lacking in the free safety position and struggling as a defensive unit as a whole.
Delano Howell is already on the Injured Reserve list with a neck injury so the Colts will be down two in this position while the suspension is in place.

A likely replacement will be Sergio Brown. A solid player but lacks playing time throughout his 5-year career. Brown has three career starts with his most recent start coming in 2011 with the New England Patriots.
I believe that we will probably see a rotation of Brown and safety Colt Anderson, whom signed as a free agent in April. Anderson also lacks playing time as he has not previously played in a full season but has started 6 games – 2 in 2010 and 4 in 2012 – all in Philadelphia.

Another possibility could be the Colts picking someone up in free agency, but to do that in the middle of the season is risky. Not only are these players currently unemployed for a reason, but they also would have to learn a new defense and be expected to produce right away.

I believe the Colts will stick with a rotation of Brown and Anderson. No matter what though, Landry really shot himself in the foot as he will lose $750,000 of his $3 mil contract for the season.


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