John Harbaugh Lays Down a Challenge Stick

ColtsFans_AndrewWeber_USATODAYSPORTS_SizedNot this again.  I mean, come on.  Are we 5 years old and have to make outlandish comments that everyone knows are untrue and is only going to poke the bear?  This week, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh made a statement that many believe was meant to be a joke.  He brought up something that was rumored to be true – but wasn’t – in the mid-2000’s.  You guessed it.  The Colts pipe in crowd noise.

This stems from when the Colts played in the much louder RCA Dome when it was almost deafening to be at a home game.  It was suggested that the team piped in extra crowd noise to help boost the home field advantage.  It was ludicrous then and that hasn’t change to now.  Many Colts fans took offense to these statements, but they weren’t the only people a little irked about it. 

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said during his Wednesday press conference that Harbaugh’s comments were an “insult” to Colts fans.  I can’t say I disagree with him.  I have been in both the RCA Dome and Lucas Oil Stadium.  Yes, it is true that the dome was much louder; however, if any of you were at the Wildcard playoff game last year against the Chiefs…you know what loud is.  That place was Wild Card Playoffs - New York Jets v Indianapolis Coltsrocking and needed no extra help.  I’m not saying at other home games that LOS isn’t shaking at its foundation – but that game was LOUD.

This really shouldn’t be a story, but of course it’s going to be.  It’s the Baltimore Ravens coming to Indianapolis.  I heard a radio promo today on 1070 The Fan, Indy’s ESPN affiliate.  It goes something like “30 years ago we took their team; this Sunday we take their pride and a win.”  Yeah…..So when it involves the Colts and Ravens every little tidbit has the potential to be a story.  However, this statement by Harbaugh cannot go unchecked, Colts Nation.

I think I speak for every Colts blogger and reporter when we say…ROCK LOS!!!  If you’re going to that game this Sunday be sure to drink untitledyour warm tea or coffee, don’t speak a ton before the game, and do a proper warm up of your vocal chords prior to kickoff.  If the Colts 12th man doesn’t make it so hard to hear that the Ravens cannot get plays off and the line jumps then you’re not doing it right.  Shake the house that Luck resides in and back this team with everything your small or big voice has to offer.  See if you can rival what happens in Seattle or Kansas City.  Then, and only then, do I believe that these stupid and untrue comments will finally go away.  When the nation can see and hear for themselves that there is no extra noise being pumped into LOS, it’s just true Colts fans doing what we do best….backing our team.  No substitute required.


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