Colts Destroy The Titans

The Colts offense clicked on all cylinders for the second week in a row.  The Colts annihilated the Tennessee Titans 41-17 in front of a loud and rowdy home crowd in Indianapolis.  The running game may not have been as effective as the past couple of weeks but it was impressive enough to keep the Titans defense honest.  Luck and his receivers took care of the rest.

The Colts scored 40+points for the second week in a row which is the first time they have done that since 2009.  Luck was kept clean all afternoon as this patch work offensive line gave up no sacks all afternoon.  There was pressure at times, but as all Colts fans know, pressure doesn’t mean a whole lot if it does not result in sacks.  There were some outstanding performances throughout the afternoon coming from the offense and the defense had it’s moments.  

Reggie Wayne had an amazing day.  Coming up with 7 catches for 119 yards and his first touchdown of the season.  He had a couple of great “old Reggie” catches as well.  He can still go up for a ball and come down with a one-handed acrobat catch.  He also still possesses his fantastic route-running ability that showed much of the afternoon when he was able to get open, even on tight coverage, because he would make the perfect cut and leave the defender eating his dust.

Andrew Luck was nothing short of amazing again this week.  Luck was 29/41 for 393 yards.  Luck added another 4 TD passes this week which gives him a league-leading 13 TDs on the year.  His passer rating of 123.3 and hitting 9 different receivers is yet another sign that Pep and Pags have taken the leash off of Luck and are allowing him to do what he does best, which is great news for this team and Colts Nation.  The only problem in Luck’s game today was quite possibly the worst pass I have seen him throw in his 3 years in Indy.  The interception was nowhere near a Colts receiver and right to the Titans defender.

T.Y. Hilton had a great game as well.  6 catches for 105 yards is his best of the season thus far and he was catching almost everything thrown his way.  He was targeted 10 times but a few of those targets were high passes from Luck.  Towards the end of the game, I saw Hilton get up slowly off the field and head to the sidelines.  Hoping that ankle that he hurt last week isn’t going to be a problem for him all season

Finally, I wouldn’t be doing this team justice if I didn’t talk about the increasingly solid play of Trent Richardson.  I have been a proponent of this man since training camp.  I think we will see much much more from him as the season progresses.  We have already seen him improve week to week and his role in the offense is growing.  T-Rich touched the ball a total of 24 times with 99 total yards and his first touchdown of the season today.  That’s his best game since coming to Indy in Week 3 of last year.  There were still a few plays that left much to be desired.  He would be given the ball and at times it seemed he was looking for a hole but would slow down.  When he slowed down it allowed the defender to catch him from behind.  When he stops moving his legs he will get stacked up.  That is a problem he had all last season but isn’t as big of a problem this year.  I still believe that Ahmad Bradshaw is a bigger player for the offense at the running back position but having him and T-Rich back there is finally paying off.

Now, how could I forget this defensive unit?  Yeah, I can’t.  This defensive unit has been very impressive for the last two weeks.  A total of 7 sacks and 5 forced turnovers gives us all something to be proud of.  I understand that it was against a pair of NFL bottom dwellers in  Jacksonville and Tennessee.  However, do you realize that this defense needed the boost that these two games have given them?  They were under a ton of pressure to produce coming out of the loss to Philly and they have done so in impressive fashion.  We wanted sacks and turnovers – they have produced.  The tackling was much better today.  Although Landry is still shoulder tackling rather than wrapping up his “pythons” around someone and then driving them to the ground.  D’Qwell Jackson was yet again the leading tackler today with a total of 10 tackles.  My defensive player of the game though goes to Mike Adams.  He was a ball-hawking safety today bringing in two interceptions.  Adams gave Indy and Colts Nation a glimpse of what he can do for this team.

All in all, this was another complete game from the start to the finish.  All three phases of the game were on point and clicking.  Next week the Colts will welcome the Baltimore Ravens to LOS.  A team that, like the Colts, are clicking and seem almost unstoppable.  Next week the Colts defensive backfield will get their first big test since Denver.  Steve Smith absolutely blew up this afternoon against his former team, and against a very stingy defense in Carolina.  The Colts will need to bring their A-game once again and show that they aren’t just going to be bullies and pick on the weaker teams and fold when a top-notch team comes in to face them.

Today’s victory didn’t just give the defense a confidence boost but the entire team.  They now know what they have and if they continue to grow and Luck is allowed to go from start to finish then there aren’t many teams in the NFL who can stop the Colts.


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