Irsay Receives 6-Game Suspension

Jim Irsay found himself in a Hamilton County courtroom today, where he plead guilty to driving under the influence back in March of this year.  He was initially charged with two misdemeanors, but the second was dropped due to his plea agreement.

In the plea agreement, Irsay received one year of probation with random urine screens.  He will also lose his license, which isn’t a bad idea for the time being.  His nightmare with the courts was over but he still had to face the other 31 NFL Owners and Roger Goodell.

Goodell slapped Irsay with a 6 game suspension and the maximum $500,000 fine.  Irsay’s suspension will begin this Wednesday.  So like his pro bowl OLB Robert Mathis, Irsay cannot be around the team for the duration of his suspension.  While Irsay is out of commission his daughter Carlie Irsay-Gordon will run the day to day operations with the assistance of Ryan Grigson and Pete Ward.

This is something that everyone has been waiting months to find out.  Over the past couple of weeks, the NFL has handed down a lot of suspensions to the players but many of us were wondering how an owner would be punished since he is basically one of Goodell’s bosses.  We see what happened today.  The punishment given to Irsay by the NFL seems fitting, of course.  The NFLPA should be happy to see that Goodell didn’t take lightly to his boss getting himself into trouble.  Colts fans shouldn’t be surprised either.  This is something that we all saw coming; we just didn’t know how long the suspension was going to be.

So the Colts will start the season without their star linebacker and their boisterous owner.  The biggest impact will obviously be the loss of Mathis, but even without their owner in the building it could have somewhat of a ripple effect on the team.  I just hope the waters calm quickly; because Manning and company aren’t going to be comforting and will be looking to get revenge on the Colts for their loss last season when Peyton made his homecoming.


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