Do the Colts Quit on Pagano??

I recently had a conversation via Twitter with everyone’s favorite former blogger – Brad Wells.  If you have followed our Twitter account for a while then you already know that Mr. Wells and I rarely agree on anything.  There are rare instances when I do agree with his opinion, but most of the time I see him as a “shock jock” or “shock blogger” and feel his sole purpose is to get a rise out of Colts fans.

I’m not saying that everything he says is completely off-base or that at times I let my fandom come in between being rational and objective.  My fandom turns me into a complete homer and I refuse to believe what Brad has to say even when it’s completely true.  However, what we spoke about last night after the Colts lost – unbelievably – to the New York football Giants, was his statement that there is a trend going on with the Colts that extends far beyond Saturday night’s collapse.  The trend would be that this team quits or gives up during games and is unable to seal the deal.  I read that statement and was stunned.  Not only that someone would have the audacity to believe this team quits on anyone but that the points he made were……..founded.

Can you argue with that?  Last season these four games were the worst you saw out of this team.  Except for the beating they were taking against the Chiefs in the playoffs but we all know how that one turned out.

So after the 4th stringers lost the game for the entire team against the Giants, Mr. Wells brings up the quitting trend he sees on this team.  Normally I wouldn’t even waste my time on this topic because it is still PRESEASON and THESE GAMES DO NOT MATTER!!!  However, his comments grabbed my attention.  Is there a trend going on with this team?  I would never compare a lack of effort by 4th stringers to a lack of effort by the starters.  4th stringers are glorified tackling dummies and will be bagging groceries before the final preseason game begins.  Nevertheless, I did think back to last season and found myself astounded.

The Rams embarrassment (38-8) immediately comes to mind.  Tavon Austin (310 all-purpose yards, 3 TDs) carved up the defense like a Thanksgiving Day turkey.  The Colts appeared to be 5 or 6 steps behind the Rams and showed zero passion or enthusiasm.  The same could be said about the Cardinals game (40-11).  With these two games fresh in mind I had to ask myself the unpopular question – has this team quit on Coach Pags?  Does he lack the toughness to guide this team to the next level?

After discussing this topic with Wells a little while longer I realized something – I was being stupid.  How in the hell can somebody suggest the idea of a quitting trend after our 4th stringers played like a pop warner team going up against a high school football team?  I’m sure Wells watched or listened to both preseason games thus far and all I have seen out of the starters and primary back-ups have been grit and determination.  Nothing screams “We’re quitters” by leading 20-0 at halftime against the 1st and 2nd stringers of the Giants.

I understand that a scarce amount of people appreciate Wells very much because he makes the comments that no true fan enjoys hearing – myself included.  However, in this situation, I must say that Wells is completely off-base.  If after a couple regular season games I detect this team going into cruise control after they get a lead or even as the game wears on then I may revisit this thought and start to put some stock into it.  But until then Mr. Well’s belief is going on the back-burner.

Brad Wells set a trap once again and unfortunately, I took the bait.  One of our writers Brian North (@coltsfans360fw) made a statement to me last night about my “epic battles” with Wells over the time TBF has been up and running.  The statement was “There really is no winning with him, as long as you understand that”.  HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!!!  All of us interact with Wells in a different manner.  If you know going in that he considers you to be inferior in the realm of anything and that you’re not going to win the argument then I suggest you save yourself the headaches and your 140 characters to either ignore, unfollow, mute or block Brad Wells.  I, for one, have come to enjoy talking with Brad about sports and plan to get advice from him in the near future.  I learned that lesson quite some time ago but still fall for the traps that Wells sets up for people on his timeline.  You will too if you follow him, but if you don’t you’re probably a lot wiser than the rest of us.


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