Etiquette For Colts Training Camp

Many of you may have read some of my comments from my first day of training camp on 7/23/14.  Everyone that goes out there are there for two things .  The first is to watch their favorite players and team get ready to do battle in 2014.  The second is to score as many autographs as one person can while they are there.  There is nothing wrong with getting autographs from the players.  It’s a great piece of memorabilia that can be treasured for years to come.  However, there are some reasonably simple rules that people should learn to follow while at Anderson University over the next couple of weeks. 

1.  There are kids present. Please watch your language.
Now, I’m usually not a guy that tells people how to be; nor am I trying to be that way with this section.  However, while you’re walking around and shouting profanities, look around you.  How many young kids do you see?  Did you know that they can hear you?  Did you know that their parents likely try pretty hard to not let their kids hear that type of language, and it may even be safe to say that they should be able to take their kids to Colts Camp and not have to hear it?  Well, that’s all true.  I get that people are the way they are.  I’m not even going to try and act like I don’t use that sort of language. But I will say this- if I see children around I’m going to watch what I say.  So if you plan to act like a drunken idiot and scream curse words while you’re out there, do it somewhere that there aren’t children present.  Please, for the sake of the parents.

Yes, believe it or not, there are grown adults who would push a child out of the way or step in front of a child to get Andrew Luck’s autograph.  It sickens me every time I see it.  These kids are there to get their favorite player’s autograph to cherish in their bedrooms or take to school and show their friends.  The people that push a kid out of the way are more than likely there to get something signed that they can sell online.  There is no reason for a grown ass man or woman to shove or block a child to get a signature.  If you can be patient I would be willing to bet that the player you’re trying to get an autograph from will take your item and there is no need to be a douchebag.*

*(Editor’s note: Or doucherocket. Or douchecanoe. Or… Well, you get the picture, you spineless feckin’ cowards.) #seewhatididthere

On that note, if there is a child standing next to you trying to get up there…LET THEM IN!!!  Believe me from experience, if you let children get in front of you and the players see it, they are more than likely going to take the time to sign for the kids and make sure you get yours as well.  Also, it should make you feel good that you’re watching out for the kids that are out there and helping them build a memory.

3.  Have a great time!
It’s Colts Camp, right?  Have a great time.  You’re getting to do something that a lot of people wish they could; but can’t get off of work or live too far away to make the drive.  Enjoy it.  If you go there and don’t get an autograph or a great photo of the team, don’t let that ruin the great time you just had.  If you go with friends and family they will know you’re basing your experience on whether or not you got the shot or the signature you wanted.  Also, don’t be that guy who yells at the players while they are standing there watching practice go on.  They are watching for a reason.  They don’t need you yelling at them asking if they are going to “sign later”.  There are always lots of things to do at Colts Camp.  Take it all in, and enjoy your time.



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