Much has been discussed on the topic of the Colts enigmatic and sometimes controversial owner, Jim Irsay.  His recent arrest for suspected owi has set ablaze many valid topics that have been commented by many in the media industry as well as fans and even those within his industry.  I was one those who asked for understanding and just wanted him to get things right.  I had noticed throughout the season how hunched over and frail he looked but attributed it to his recent knee surgery.  Here is the article from March 17th:
That may have been the root but his problem with pain medication has a long history.  Things in court seemed to have worked out in his favor now that the felony counts have been dropped and he has served his cursory time in rehab.  So now what?

Irsay recently sat down with Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star for a conversation that sent up some red flags about where he really is after going through rehab and the events of the last few months.  In the article, Kravitz asked Irsay several questions that seemed to be lobs for him to slam, but Irsay has always marched to his own beat.  When asked if he thought he should apologize to the fans for anything he didn’t, furthermore he indicated that he is still taking pain medication but hopes to gradually stop taking.  Also, just as shocking, and proving many outside who felt maybe it was time for him to start relinquishing power, Irsay plans on being the man for quite some time.  Any thought of his daughters running the show seemed to be for show.  He indicated that while in rehab he was still involved with the daily operations of the team. 

I wanted Irsay for his own good to take the necessary time to recover from his inner demons that were causing him to make choices that are not healthy for him long term.  It doesn’t matter what I want or think, it only matters what those around him tell him.  Hopefully he has not rushed through the process and winds up in a similar set of circumstances.  If he was driving under the influence he could have harmed others and next time could be worse.   I like Irsay for what he done for the team, the city, and his philanthropy, I just hope his actions don’t erase all the good he has done.

To read Kravitz’s Interview:


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