The Indianapolis Colts Select…..


      We are merely hours from the 2014 NFL Draft and we will finally know what Grigson and company will do to improve our Indianapolis Colts.  All the speculating, guessing games and educated insight between the end of the season and the draft- and yet none of it ever seems to prepare us for what actually takes place on draft day. It has been well discussed that the Colts are armed with only 5 picks (so far), and there are some serious needs that must be addressed before the start of camp.  Will Grigson trade down to gain more selections? Will he trade up using future picks to gain one major playmaker that he just can’t resist going after?  Or will he simply use what he has to get the best “need player” available for each pick and attempt to scoop up as much talent out of the remaining pool of UDFA’s? 

       You and I both know…that we don’t know!  Until then, we’ll leave the guessing behind and I’ll go through who I feel would be the best attainable selections, for the top positions of need for each of the 5 picks currently owned by the Colts. I will even throw in a couple possible surprise picks (PSP) and give my top choice (#) and my second choice (##) for each selection.  Everyone has their own ideas for who should wear the horseshoe and why come the conclusion of the draft.  These are mine, love ’em or hate ’em. So enjoy and feel free to send me your feedback.



Pick #59 (Rnd 2)

CB- Stanley Jean-Baptiste/ 6’3″- 218lbs/ Nebraska(#)

OG- Gabe Jackson/ 6’3″- 336lbs/ Mississippi St.(##)

S- Jonathan Dowling/ 6’3″- 190lbs/ Western Kentucky

WR- Donte Moncrief/ 6’2″- 221lbs/ Ole Miss

DT- DaQuan Jones/ 6’4″- 322lbs/ Penn St.

C- Weston Richburg/ 6’3″- 298lbs/ Colorado St.


Pick #90 (Rnd 3)

CB- Walt Aikens/ 6’1″- 205lbs/ Liberty

OG- Cyril Richardson/ 6’5″- 329lbs/ Baylor

S- Terrance Brooks/ 5’11”- 198lbs/ Florida St.(#)

WR- Cody Latimer/ 6’2″- 215lbs/ Indiana     

DT- Daniel McCullers/ 6’7″- 352lbs/ Tennessee(##)

C- Tyler Larsen/ 6’3″- 313lbs/ Utah St.

*(PSP) WR- Jared Abbrederis/ 6’1″- 195lbs/ Wisconsin


Pick #166 (Rnd 5)

CB- Dontae Johnson/ 6’2″- 200lbs/ North Carolina St.

OG- John Urschel/ 6’3″- 313lbs/ Penn St.(##)

S- Christian Bryant/ 5’10”- 192lbs/ Ohio St.

WR- Cody Hoffman/ 6’4″- 223lbs/ BYU(#)

DT- Beau Allen/ 6’3″- 335lbs/ Wisconsin

C- Corey Linsley/ 6’3″- 296lbs/ Ohio St.

*(PSP) ILB- Max Bullough/ 6’2″- 252lbs/ Michigan St.


Pick #203 (Rnd 6)

CB- Phillip Gaines/ 6’0″- 193lbs/ Rice

OG- Charles Leno/ 6’4″- 298lbs/ Boise St.

S- Nickoe Whitley/ 6’0″- 205lbs/ Mississippi St.

WR- Alex Neutz/ 6’2″- 205lbs/ Buffalo(##)

DT- Mike Pennel/ 6’4″ 332lbs/ Colorado St-Pueblo(#)

C- James Stone/ 6’3″- 302lbs/ Tennessee

*(PSP) ILB- Glenn Carson/ 6’2″- 235lbs/ Penn St.


Pick #232 (Rnd 7)

CB- Marcus Williams/ 5’11”- 195lbs/ North Dakota St.

OG- Andrew Norwell/ 6’5″- 320lbs/ Ohio St.(#)

S- Tre’ Porter/ 6’0″- 202lbs/ Texas Tech

WR- Jeremy Deering/ 6’2″- 210lbs/ Rutgers

DT- Chris Davenport/ 6’3″- 330lbs/ Tulane

C- Jonothan Harrison/ 6’3″- 304lbs/ Florida(##)


      In the end, there isn’t much you can’t scrutinize when it comes to guessing the selections any certain team will be prepared to go with through the draft process.  There will no doubt be some reaches and some head scratchers throughout rounds 1-7. Some teams that draft strictly for need, and some that draft the best player available leaving team need secondary to ability and talent.  This is why we all love the NFL draft, and why we’ll likely watch through every second in between picks to see who trades what pick to who.  This coupled with the signing of UDFA’s immediately following the draft, should give us plenty to talk about for several weeks to come. Soon we’ll see who the new members of our Indianapolis Colts are, and we’ll welcome them to the Horseshoe just as we always do.  GO HORSE!!!

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3 responses to “The Indianapolis Colts Select…..

  1. Matt,

    Solid nickel package…..and I know what you’re saying ! Ours could be right on the money, or completely in some other hemisphere !!

    Ideally, Grigson will trade out of Rounds 2 & 3 and stockpile later picks and more talent depth. I think if he is armed with, say, 8 selections this year (vice the 5 they have right now) I think they can find a diamond or two in the rough, plus some “competent” talent all over the board in rounds 4-7.

    I’m not biting on Cody Lattimer going to Colts, but I guess you just never know. Surprised he has vaulted up so high after his injury, but happy for him to be getting a serious look higher than before.

    If we go wideout, I wouldn’t mind Kelvin Benjamin because of his size and potential. But I’m thinking that if we don’t trade down, it will likely be a reach for Free SafetyTerrence Brooks, or the “safe” pick of Gabe Jackson. But I’d take Breeland over anyone of the 5 that I’ve listed for the pick at #59.

    Here are mine + 10 UDFA’s:


    1. Bashaud Breeland, CB, Clemson
    2. Terrence Brooks, FS, Florida State
    3. Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State
    4. Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State
    5. Marcus Smith, OLB, Louisville
    * If no one has drafted Jean-Baptiste by #58, hope we do.

    1. Adrian Hubbard, OLB34, Alabama
    2. Justin Ellis, DT34, Louisiana Tech
    3. Bryan Stork, OC, Florida State
    4. Brent Urban, DE34, Virginia
    5. Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee

    1. Dontae Johnson, CB, North Carolina State
    2. Kenarious Gates, OG, Georgia
    3. Isaiah Lewis, SS, Michigan State
    4. Tyler Larsen, OC, Utah State
    5. Beau Allen, DT34, Wisconsin

    1. Brock Vereen, SS, Minnesota
    2. Bene Benwikere, CB, San Jose State
    3. Justin Britt, OT, Missouri
    4. Alden Darby, SS, Arizona State
    5. Hakeem Smith, SS, Louisville

    1. Christian Bryant, FS, Ohio State
    2. Ryan Groy, OG, Wisconsin
    3. James Morris, ILB, Iowa
    4. Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice
    5. Andre Hal, CB, Vanderbilt

    Top 10 UDFA’s following 7th Round:

    1. Kenny Guiton, QB, Ohio State
    2. Mo Alexander, S, Utah St.
    3. Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana
    4. Isaiah Johnson, SS, Georgia Tech
    5. Gator Hoskins, FB, Marshall
    6. Wesley Johnson, OC, Vanderbilt
    7. Corey Linsley, OC, Ohio State
    8. Tre Boston, FS, North Carolina
    9. Mike Pennel, DT, Colorado St-Pueblo, 6’4″, 332
    10.Howard Jones, OLB, Shepard

    • Agreed, It would be nice to see us trade down to acquire more picks. But with expecting that to be the mantra for basically all 32 teams, I wonder how many we’ll legitimately be able to get with such a deep field and so many teams having similar needs going into ’14. If there’s only a few we nail I want DT, G & CB to be the selection’s with the best return- protect Luck, clog the middle and be more physical up the rail. We can blow WR & S and still greatly improve imo. It will no doubt be exciting to see how it shakes out.

  2. If Bashaud Breeland is available at our #59, we could possibly leverage a team needing a CB and use that to move down. Or even a guy like OG Gabe Jackson. But yeah, it’s what all the other teams are contemplating as well. It’s a matter of front office personalities, connections and trust at that point. Watching the UDFA situation closely……we’ll make some money in that effort if Grigson has his “ducks in a row” which I’m confident he will.

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