Satele at Center Again, Maybe?

The new NFL calendar has not even begun yet, but there is already controversy surrounding what moves the Colts will make to their roster.  Some moves seem more obvious than others; such as the likely exodus of Donald Brown, Antoine Bethea, and Ahmad Bradshaw.  Then there are those decisions that are harder such as placing value on popular players like Pat McAfee and Adam Vinatieri compared to others of similar circumstances. These are the types of decisions that are made by the front office routinely by removing emotions from from the scenario. The Colts and more namely Ryan Grigson have many of these types of issues to deal with this off season. And one of the most interesting involves the much maligned center of the Indianapolis Colts, Samson Satele.

Among fans, Satele is treated similarly to the name that you don’t say in Harry Potter, and the name can single handedly cause Twitter to blow up just mentioning it. Satele is going into his third season since signing his contract when Grigson came in guns  a-blazing.   The interesting part deals with his contract status in which he has one year remaing of the 10.8 million dollar contract, in which 4 million was guaranteed.  If the Colts were to cut him, they would lose a little over a million in dead cap money, but would save about 4 million to spend on another player, like maybe another center.

With that being said, many who follow the team question whether this will actually come to fruition. Again, it makes all the sense in the world for there to be a parting of the ways, but what often makes sense to fans can be something different to the front office. Grigson has done a wonderful job turning over the roster, but we know the mandate of protecting Luck that he was charged with from Irsay has largely been a failure up to this point. Although improvement was shown, we expect there to be changes on the offensive line. But, does it necessarily mean there will be change at center? No one can say for sure, and if someone does, they are guessing. Last year a similar set of circumstances seemed to set the exodus of the oft maligned center, yet it was decided to keep him in favor of his backup who outplayed him. A.Q. Shipley was sent to Baltimore in return for a draft pick. Many fans were shocked when June rolled around and he remained on the roster.

We could be facing a similar scenario again. McGlynn, who filled in for Satele in limited offerings, seemed to be the superior center. His play, though, didn’t see an extended run at center and Satele returned to his starting position off his recovery from injury. Colts also had a highly drafted Khalid Holmes who couldn’t work his way in when Satele went down with injury. Many fans have grasped at that straw, but it doesn’t seem like a viable scenario up to this point.

Then there are those who who are convinced Irsay & Grigson will go out and sign Alex Mack. The money he will command doesn’t seem to match the perceived limited free agency plan the media seems to be floating out, or maybe the Colts are the ones floating it.
I guess the point is until we see the transaction of Satele being cut, don’t assume anything. Most of us would like to see it happen, we’ve just been down this road before.


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