A Colts-centric Mock Draft

As we all know, the Colts do not have a first or fourth round pick in this year’s draft. However, that doesn’t mean the Colts won’t still get some solid players. In this bi-weekly installment of the True Blue Fans mock draft, we take a look at what the Colts draft could look like. As my traditional disclaimer, these needs and picks will change based on how free agency pans out, as well as compensatory picks, which the Colts are highly unlikely to receive.

Round 2 (Pick 58):
Allen Robinson – WR – Penn State
As others in the media are starting to mention more frequently, it’s highly likely the Colts take a WR with this pick. After the combine and “official” measurements with 40s and drills, I’m certain a solid WR will fall to the Colts here. A few guys that may fall are Marqise Lee, Allen Robinson, Kelvin Benjamin, and Jarvis Landry. While I’d love for Lee to plummet, I highly doubt he will fall as far as 58. If he does, he’s my pick. However, I could see Robinson falling. He’d be a great addition as he consistently made plays at Penn State.

Round 3 (Pick 90):
DaQuan Jones – DL – Penn State
The Colts double dip from the Penn State pool in this mock. There’s a real possibility Jones could be drafted anywhere from Rounds 2 to 4. He’d be an immediate upgrade at the DE position in the 3-4 or slide to DT when the Colts go to a 4-3. He also has the frame to add weight and play the NT if necessary.

Round 5 (Pick 154):
Aaron Colvin – CB – Oklahoma
Ryan Grigson has an affinity for taking injured players in this range, fifth to sixth round. Colvin was one of the best CBs in college football last season. He likely would have been a second round pick had he not blown out his knee at the senior bowl. He will fall but shouldn’t make it past the fifth round. While Colvin may not play right away, he’d give Grigson some insurance if current CB Greg Toler continues to disappoint.

Round 6 (Pick 186):
Carl Bradford – OLB – Arizona State
Bradford was overshadowed on the ASU defense by DT Will Sutton but Bradford may have been the most athletic guy on that side of the ball. He recorded 20 sacks over the past two seasons and should be able to transition well to the 3-4 OLB position as he was asked to play it several times at ASU. He’s also versatile in he can put his hand on the ground and play DE in the 4-3 and hold his ground well enough at the point of attack.

Round 7 (Pick 209):
Kadeem Edwards – OG – Tennessee State
Kadeem Edwards has prototypical NFL Guard size. He’s 6’4″, 309 lbs, and has an arm length of 34.5 inches. However, playing at Tennessee State, Edwards did not go against the best competition on a consistent basis- and when he did play against NFL caliber talent, like at the Senior Bowl, he struggled. He will likely take a tumble on draft day but with proper coaching could be another Grigson gem, even though it’d really only be Grigson’s first late round draft gem.


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