Colts Season Comes To An End In New England

Well Colts Nation, it didn’t turn out the way we all wanted.  The Colts fell to the hated New England Patriots 43-22.  It was a heartbreaker for sure, but the team kept themselves in it until the Patriots were able to break a big run and then intercept Luck for his third interception.  Two huge, back breaking plays by the Patriots all but sealed the deal and stamped their ticket to the AFC Championship.  The loss didn’t come off the arm of Tom Brady like before, but off the legs of LeGarrette Blount.

Blount busted off huge numbers against the Colts in the divisional round  for 166 yards and an astounding 4 rushing touchdowns.  The only problem is that all week, everyone talked about how the Patriots were going to run it down the Colts throats and rely less on Brady and put the workload on their stable of running backs.  I guess someone missed the memo.  The Colts were able to stop the run decently in the first half, but let their guard down in the second half – huge mistake.  The Patriots were able to rumble off a total of 234 yards rushing.  Wow, I knew they were going to run; but that’s ridiculous.

Luck also had a terrible game at the worst time.  Luck was picked off four times in the game.  One of them really wasn’t his fault.  It was a missed catch by Havili and Donte’ Hightower was in the right place at the right time.  The other three, however, were forced passes or he was staring down his receivers.

Luck did toss a couple of great touchdowns to LaVon Brazill.  Both were long bombs and over the top of two New England defenders.  Brazill definitely made enough noise that could land him more playing time next year for sure.

Some of you are thinking, “Why is he not bringing up the coaches?”  Well, I say to that, what should I say?  Sure, Pagano didn’t call the best game in NFL history and Pep made some questionable calls late in the game even after it was out of reach.  Should they have gone for it on 4th and 1?  Yup, I believe they should have, but I cannot bash a coaching staff for a couple of bonehead calls.  This game is on the players mostly.  I have said this on Twitter and on here before, the coaches can call the plays but the players have to execute them.  Four interceptions isn’t executing the plays.  234 yards given up to the Pats is not executing the plays.

The Colts as a whole didn’t play well tonight.  The defense was extremely spotty and played like they were uninspired for most of the game.  The offense didn’t fare much better.  The running backs couldn’t get going at all, and as I said before, Luck played awful for the most part.  I chalk Luck’s play up to his inexperience in the playoffs and still being very young.  He is a quick learner and that’s why we love him.  He rarely makes the same mistake twice and will only grow from this.

So yes, the season didn’t end the way we all hoped but there is so much to look forward to next year.  Let’s all wish these guys the best and thank them for a great year.  AFC South Champions, and they were not one and done in the playoffs.  There’s so much to build on, and I look forward to that.  Thanks to the Indianapolis Colts for another great year.


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