Colts Shellac The Chiefs In Kansas City

Well, well well.  What a game that was, huh?  And what a team win!!  The Colts went into the loudest stadium in the NFL and silenced the crowd with a 23-7 stomping of the Kansas City Chiefs.  All week, the team openly said they had one game plan:  stop Jamaal Charles from going off.  Mission accomplished, gentleman.  But there was so much more to this game.  The defense came through for the second week in a row, and the offense found a rhythm early and never looked back.

With consecutive three and outs to begin the game, many of us Colts fans thought that we were going to see the “old” Colts in KC.  Wedge in a monstrous run by Jamaal Charles of 31 yards for the game’s first score, there wasn’t much looking up.  The Colts’ next drive gave us hope as Luck and company put together a very solid drive, but ended with a missed 34 yard field goal by Vinatieri.  Just yet another shot in the foot by Indy, right?  WRONG!!!  After the missed field goal, the whole game changed for the better, and never got turned back around.

The Chiefs’ next drive was a three and out and the Colts took over the ball and were finally able to put points on the board.  On the Chiefs’ next drive, the Colts defense got the game’s first takeaway when Robert Mathis hit KC running back Davis and jarred the ball loose.  Redding recovered… aaaand we have a game.  Luck was able to connect with Brown on the Colts’ next drive for 33 yards, which had Brown tip-toeing the white line for the final five yards for the Colts’ first touchdown.  Vinatieri added on another field goal and gave the Chiefs the ball with just under two minutes left before half.

The Chiefs’ next drive would have resulted in such if the officiating crew had their contacts in.  Vontae Davis laid a good hit on KC receiver Junior Hemingway and knocked the ball loose.  Hemingway tucked the ball and made three steps before the ball came out.  That would be a football move to me.  What do you think??

The game went into the half with the Colts leading 13-7.

The second half didn’t fare too well for the Chiefs either; as the defense came out more hungry than they went in.  On the Chiefs’ first drive, the next NFL Defensive Player of the Year (Robert Mathis) hit Smith’s arm and caused a fumble, but Smith’s arm was in motion when the ball came out.  Essentially Smith shotput a 15 yard pass with his forearm into the hands of Jerrell Freeman-  the Colts’ second takeaway.  Then Brown turned on the jets and had one of the most spectacular runs of his career.

It was a fantastic 51 yard run in which Brown fought through the first two levels and received very good blocking down field.  It was something stellar to see; as we in Indy haven’t seen runs like that in years.

After that, the Colts’ defense brought it home with two more turnovers, including Freeman’s second interception.  They were all over Smith today and were able to rack up 4 total sacks.  The Colts’ defense is now +7 in the turnover ratio for the season.  +7!!!  When is the last time we can all say we saw that?

They were underdogs today.  Not many gave the Colts a chance to go into the most hostile environment in the NFL come out on top.  I will admit that I even had doubts that the Colts would be able to pull this one off, considering the weather and Jamaal Charles.  I’m glad when I am proven wrong-  at least about the Colts.

The team returns home next week for the regular season finale against Jacksonville.  This isn’t going to be a pushover game like it was earlier in the season.  The Jags are playing good football as of late and plan to ruin the Colts’ run into the playoffs.  Kudos to the team on the win today.  That was a total team effort- even McAfee was able to throw his own little celebration during the game, acting like he hit a little “chip shot” on his last punt; putting the Chiefs inside their ten yard line.  11-5 is attainable, as long as they don’t believe the hype and don’t overlook the Jags.

OFFENSE: Donald Brown
DEFENSE: Jerrell Freeman
SPECIAL TEAMS: Darrius Heyward-Bey (Come on, his best play of the season came when he kept
someone from breaking a punt)


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