There Is A New Defensive King In Town

Seneca Wallace, Robert MathisWhat a fitting way to break a record, huh?  A strip sack for a safety on Case Keenum propelled Robert Mathis into Indianapolis Colts history this past Sunday.  He cemented himself as the all-time sack leader in franchise history and set a new record for most sacks in a single season.  Even his long-time teammate and partner in crime had to be proud that Mathis was the one to whom he can pass that torch.  And to end the game stomping a division rival made this moment all that much more sweet.  

Mathis now has a total of 108 sacks in his career.  Not to mention he owns his own NFL record as well for his patented strip-sack. Mathis-Keenum The one mentioned at the beginning of this article was his 42nd strip-sack of his career.  He has laid down a total of 54 different quarterbacks over his illustrious career, and he is nowhere near done.  At the young age of 32, Mathis has at least a couple more seasons until he will be able to call it quits.  There are a few more goals in his mind, I’m sure, that he wants to accomplish before he hangs it up and calls it a career.

He can do one thing that Freeney has not been able to accomplish by season’s end.  He could crack the top 20 in career sacks all-time if he can get two more.  He is currently tied with Freeney at 21st all-time.  The Colts still have the Chiefs and the Jags to play before the regular season ends.  There has to be two sacks in there somewhere…right??

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis ColtsThere was much clamor from his teammates about his work ethic and his leadership in this last week.  “He’s everything you could ask for in a leader, in a locker room guy, in a veteran, the example he sets, his work ethic, I feel honored to just be in the stadium and to get to see that happen and be able to give him a high five,” Andrew Luck said.

“He is class personified, he’s a living legend. It’s an honor to play on the same field with the guy. I grew up watching him. Now I get to play with him and robert-mathis-cf94ffe91c86bbf4hopefully he sticks around for awhile.”- Jerrell Freeman

Robert Mathis is what Indianapolis Colts football is all about:  Hard work and determination.  A never say quit mentality, and the want to show everyone that you shouldn’t bet against him.  This is the best season of his career and in many eyes he should be in the conversation for Defensive Player of The Year.  In the eyes of Colts Nation, Mathis is the only deserving candidate for the award.  Mathis has worked his butt off to get where he is right now.  So bask in the glory Robert, you’ve earned it.  And from everyone in the Colts Nation, thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not giving up on this team when so many did.


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